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As the Crown prefers to negotiate with large natural groupings as opposed to individual hapū or whānau all historical claims of Rangitāne encompassed within the Area of Interest will be negotiated at the same time in one set of negotiations.

Mandating is the first step in the negotiations process.  It is the process whereby the claimant group approves a body to represent it in settlement negotiations with the Crown.

In this instance, the Trust sought the mandate from both Rangitāne o Wairarapa and Rangitāne o Tamaki nui-ā-Rua to represent the two iwi in settlement negotiations.  The end goal of the settlement negotiations process is to reach a comprehensive settlement of all Rangitāne historical Treaty claims.

A mandate must be agreed and recognised before any settlement agreement can be formally negotiated with the Crown or signed.  The Trust's mandate has now been formally recognised by the Crown.  This was the result of eight successful mandating hui held in various centres throughout New Zealand to seek the support of Rangitāne to represent the iwi in settlement negotiations.

A mandating process should be inclusive, open and transparent.  As such, the Trust has liaised with other mandated bodies for any overlapping claimants and will continue to do so during settlement negotiations.  The Trust will continue to keep iwi members updated regarding negotiations wherever possible. 

Mandating is only for Treaty settlement negotiations.

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